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Jesuitical is a podcast from America Media hosted by two young, hip and lay editors: Ashley McKinless and Zac Davis.

Each episode brings some of the top (and maybe more obscure) Catholic news of the week, and an interview with a guest who offers a unique perspective on world events, culture or faith. At the end of the show, Ashley and Zac invite the listener into their faith lives by sharing their consolations and desolations from the week.

Nov 16, 2018

The Catholic Church is failing to engage Catholic women. A groundbreaking survey of Catholic women published by America earlier this year found that 26 percent rarely or never attend Mass; 27 percent only attend a few times a year; and 67 percent of Catholic women have never served in a parish in any ministry.

The GIVEN Institute is trying to fix that. This week we chat with Elise Italiano, the group’s executive director, about what they’re doing to help Catholic women lead inside and outside the church.

On Signs of the Times, our weekly Catholic news roundup, we scratch our heads at the U.S. bishops’ inaction on sexual abuse at the annual meeting in Baltimore, look at the next U.S.-born #Blessed, see how an N.B.A. rookie is helping out his Catholic high school, and more.

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