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Jesuitical is a podcast from America Media hosted by three young, hip and lay editors: Ashley McKinless, Olga Segura and Zac Davis.

Each episode brings some of the top (and maybe more obscure) Catholic news of the week, and an interview with a guest who offers a unique perspective on world events, culture or faith. At the end of the show, Zac, Ashley and Olga invite the listener into their faith lives by sharing their consolations and desolations from the week.

Feb 22, 2019

Vinson Cunningham doesn’t meet many people who believe in hell—but he still does. We sit down with Vinson, who is staff writer at the New Yorker, to discuss his recent essay “How the Idea of Hell Has Shaped the Way We Think.”


We talk about our first memories of hell, how it still impacts our lives and our culture, and why it might be easier to describe hell than heaven.


In Signs of the Times, we look at the laicization of former cardinal Theodore McCarrick and preview the Vatican’s summit on sexual abuse. Sister Norma Pimentel, a former guest on Jesuitical, runs into conflict with the city commissioners of McAllen, Tex. And could contactless payment be on the way for church donations? One cluster of parishes in Dublin, Ireland, is trialing it, and we are here for it.


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Links from the show:

“How the Idea of Hell Has Shaped the Way We Think.”

Vatican sex abuse summit: what you need to know

Vatican emphasizes transparency and accountability at upcoming sex abuse summit

Former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick laicized by Pope Francis

New York gives sex abuse victims more time to sue, press charges

Border city to close Catholic Charities center run by Sister Norma Pimentel

Catholic Church To Trial Contactless Payment For Donations

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