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Jesuitical is a podcast from America Media hosted by three young, hip and lay editors: Ashley McKinless, Olga Segura and Zac Davis.

Each episode brings some of the top (and maybe more obscure) Catholic news of the week, and an interview with a guest who offers a unique perspective on world events, culture or faith. At the end of the show, Zac, Ashley and Olga invite the listener into their faith lives by sharing their consolations and desolations from the week.

Sep 28, 2018

“[The sex abuse crisis is] not something that I think can be fixed by our priests alone,” Amanda Zamora told us this week. “The pain and the harm has been caused by the church and the solution will need to come from the church—and that includes all of us.”

Amanda is the chief audience officer at the Texas Tribune, which she joined in 2016. Previously, she spent 13 years on the East Coast working for organizations like The Huffington Post Investigative Fund, The Washington Post and ProPublica.

She recently wrote an article co-published in the Texas Tribune and the Washington Post called “I’m a Catholic survivor of abuse. I still want to hear the church say it’s sorry.” Amanda shared her own experience of surviving abuse within her family and how that has influenced her perspective on the church’s crisis.  

In Signs of the Times we give an update on a couple of international stories we’ve been following and discuss a story from Chicago involving a priest burning a flag bearing a rainbow and a cross. We also look at a new policy for reporting sex abuse outlined by the U.S. bishops, and how some churches are using coffeehouse culture to evangelize and work for justice.

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Links from the show:

  1. I'm a Catholic survivor of abuse. I still want to hear the church say it's sorry.
  2. Pope Francis recognizes Chinese bishops ordained without papal approval
  3. Indian bishop accused of raping nun is arrested
  4. U.S. Catholic Church creates new process for reporting misconduct by its bishops
  5. Flag-burning priest removed from Avondale parish by Cardinal Cupich
  6. These Catholic coffee shops take evangelization to new grounds
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