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Jesuitical is a podcast from America Media hosted by three young, hip and lay editors: Ashley McKinless, Olga Segura and Zac Davis.

Each episode brings some of the top (and maybe more obscure) Catholic news of the week, and an interview with a guest who offers a unique perspective on world events, culture or faith. At the end of the show, Zac, Ashley and Olga invite the listener into their faith lives by sharing their consolations and desolations from the week.

Apr 7, 2020

What is it like to walk with the disciples through a vivid scene from the Gospels? It is possible through a spiritual practice called Ignatian contemplation that the Jesuits have been doing for centuries. That’s why our guest for this week’s bonus episode is Tucker Redding, S.J. He is the creator and writer of a new...

Apr 3, 2020

It’s not really fair or responsible to draw comparisons between the Black Plague and our current coronavirus pandemic. Our situation pales in comparison to 50 million deaths, or roughly 50% of Europe’s population alone in the mid-14th century. But what was true then is true now: The Catholic Church needed to change...

Mar 31, 2020

Running a Catholic media organization during a pandemic.
Developing a new appreciation for the Eucharist from quarantine.
What real political leadership should look like in a time of crisis.

Matt Malone, S.J., the editor in chief of America Media (a.k.a. our boss), is the guest for this first bonus episode of Jesuitical...

Mar 27, 2020

No priest becomes a bishop imagining he will one day tell his people not to come to Mass. But across the United States and much of the world, bishops have had to make the heartrending decision to shutter their churches and cancel the public celebration of the Mass and other sacraments. 

This week, we speak with...

Mar 20, 2020

Dr. Amy Compton-Phillips treated the United States’s first coronavirus patient. She is the chief clinical officer and executive vice president at Providence St. Joseph Health, a Catholic hospital located outside Seattle. We asked her about where we are as a country in addressing this pandemic. Her answers were pretty...